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Catavert, LLC, has made it easier for you to give your health system clients precisely the stop-loss solution they need. Our approach enables you to offer a tailored solution to your clients, along with more advantages for you.

How Can Catavert™ stop-loss solutions help?

Emerging treatments are bringing new hope to more people living with serious health conditions. But those same treatments can also bring detrimental cost implications to employers with self-funded health plans. In some instances, a single life-saving treatment could cost thousands of dollars and, in some cases, millions of dollars. That’s where Catavert™ stop-loss solutions come in.

Catavert™ stop-loss solutions, through an alliance with Havarti Risk Services, LLC, helps your self-funded employer clients obtain protection from the potential of financial ruin when a health plan member’s life depends on crucial but extraordinarily costly medical care.

    • Stop-loss insurance protects employers when medical claims costs exceed a defined threshold in a given year
    • Coverage can be configured to apply to all members in a health plan or it can be specific to individuals depending on your clients’ needs
    • Special options give your clients even more protection:
      • No New Lasers at Renewal for addressing higher-risk plan members
      • Maximum Rate Increase that limits price fluctuation at renewal time
      • Experience Refund Riders that can help employers recover money when claims are less than premiums

Who is Involved?

With Catavert, you’ll be working with experienced professionals who know healthcare and insurance. Catavert was born out of the healthcare industry.

Together, we know health systems intimately and provide a full portfolio of solutions that health systems need to support their own provider-sponsored health plans. Stop-loss solutions through Catavert is one key component of that complete package. 

Our insurance alliance makes us stronger.

Havarti Risk Services, LLC, is our preferred stop-loss strategist and collaborator. Havarti provides customized risk analysis, strategic solution design, and underwriting tailored to each health system.

Havarti is:

  • A specialty health actuarial and underwriting company
  • A comprehensive insurance advisor with special focus on stop-loss
  • The product of seasoned health actuarial, underwriting, clinical, and brokerage executives
  • A tailored solution with customized risk analysis and underwriting suited to each health system’s unique business model

United States Fire Insurance Company

Plans are underwritten by the United States Fire Insurance Company. 
C&F and Crum & Forster are registered trademarks of United States Fire Insurance Company.

Havarti collaborates with our issuing carrier, United States Fire Insurance Company.

    • Mitigating company risk for over 200 years
    • The Crum & Forster group of companies is rated A (Excellent) by A. M. Best Company 20221
    • Providing valuable coverage and peace of mind

Learn more about Havarti

Together, the alliance of Catavert, Havarti, and United States Fire Insurance Company have established a strategy that can help your health system clients:

  • Improve cash flow
  • Reduce fixed cost with market-competitive rates
  • Diversify risk

We've made it easy to get started.

We’ll introduce you to the Catavert and Havarti teams, get to know you, and devote time to discuss your distinct client needs.

Then, as our stop-loss service strategist and collaborator, Havarti will help formalize the relationship by guiding you through a straightforward appointment process. Once completed, Havarti will initiate the underwriting process and develop a quotation for you and your client.*

*Terms and conditions apply.

Contact Us to get started.

How will you be compensated?

The value you can bring to your clients through a relationship with Catavert is clear. We want to make sure you always see value in that relationship as well. Here are three straightforward steps to getting compensation when your clients choose the Catavert™ stop-loss solution.

Step 1

The first step is to formalize a relationship by getting appointed by Havarti.* As the stop-loss service manager, Havarti will handle all financial components of the Catavert™ stop-loss solution offering, including collecting premiums and paying commissions.

Step 2

Once approved as a participating producer, payment is made by Havarti through either a fixed fee or percentage-of-premium arrangement, determined on a case-by-case basis.

Step 3

Payments are promptly made to you from Havarti when binding is completed at the end of the sales process.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Let’s get you set up for payment. (This link will take you to a dedicated Catavert benefits advisor page on the Havarti website).

Access everything you'll need.

To make it easier for you to learn, access, and share information about the powerful Catavert™ stop-loss solution, we have created a convenient toolkit exclusively for you. Find essential forms, reference materials, and marketing literature to help make recommending the Catavert™ stop-loss solution easier.

Access the Benefits Advisor Toolkit

For your convenience, you can also download Catavert™ marketing and sales materials right here. Use them for your own reference or to share with your health system clients.

Catavert™ stop-loss solutions sales sheet (PDF) – Download Now

Catavert™ stop-loss solutions sales presentation (PDF) – Download Now

Who Can You Turn To?

The Catavert alliance is always here for you. For any questions or if you need support getting Catavert started for your clients, Contact Us.

Havarti Risk Services

United States Fire Insurance Company

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