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Would you recommend
one care plan for all patients?

Your health system doesn’t prescribe the same treatment for every patient. Should insurance companies prescribe the same stop-loss coverage for every self-funded health plan? That’s been the traditional approach to assigning stop-loss coverage, despite health systems like yours having unique needs and circumstances.

Would you recommend one care plan for all patients?
Why "one size fits all" really doesn't.

If your health system is like most, you have depended for years on traditional insurance solutions to secure critical stop-loss coverage for your self-funded health plan. To compound matters, emerging medical conditions and new treatment options with multimillion-dollar price tags may threaten to further heighten financial exposure. More than ever, your health system needs a custom-fit solution.

Try this on for size
Try this on for size.

Imagine having a productive two-way dialogue about your health system’s distinct needs. We have.

By introducing a collaborative approach to stop-loss coverage, Catavert, LLC, is redefining the category and helping to give your health system greater control of your own destiny. Through an alliance with Havarti Risk Services, LLC, we’ve created a new-to-the-industry stop-loss solution tailored to health systems for their employee and payvider health plans.

We recognize that, as a health system, you have expertise managing clinical risk. Catavert is here to help you gain similar expertise managing financial risk, benefiting from the experience of our stop-loss alliance. It’s a new solution that can present greater value and market-leading pricing.

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made for this.

Catavert, LLC, stop-loss products help your health system’s own employee health plan and payvider health plans obtain protection against catastrophic financial loss resulting from extraordinary healthcare claims so you can proceed with confidence.

Catavert is a company born out of the healthcare industry and is dedicated to developing insurance products for health systems. Our deep understanding of health systems and their operational intricacies enables us to design optimal risk management solutions specifically for your health system. See what makes us the right fit.

We want to hear about your unique stop-loss needs and concerns and work with Havarti to help you put together the solution that’s right for your organization.

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